"How I Scaled My high-Ticket Coaching business With One 60-Minute Presentation"
...Without hours of networking, social media prospecting or uncomfortable sales calls.
Presenter: Armin Shafee, Creator Of Speak And Get Clients.
  • The New Way of getting coaching clients that I discovered that doesn’t require hours of networking, social media marketing or uncomfortable sales calls.
  • The Proven Presentation Structure I used to sell out my program, and why it still worked even though I was an amateur in the beginning.
  • ​The Exact No-Cost Strategy that's helped me easily get an audience for my presentations every time without needing to be a “big” name in my industry.
    100% No Cost - Limited Time Only!

    NOTE: This Training is NOT for Everyone...

    Not everyone can create a successful high-ticket coaching business. Your results are not guaranteed. This training is only for those that are hard working, that realize that massive success does not come over night, and that will persist when challenges arise. This training will however, give you an unfair advantage in your industry. You will get insight behind one of the fastest growing coaches in Canada.